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Official Community Posts

  • Valkar Update 1/8/2019
    on January 6, 2019 at 8:22 pm

     Hello everyone!  We have been working hard on this new update so we really hope you enjoy. There is still loads more coming for the future, more content that we hope our community helps with. There are always things that the community can lend a hand with so make sure if you are wanting to help you content myself or @Dexter We are always here and available via Discord! With our Moved and edited cotent we took what was already either apart of the server or what was added prior to BETA release and made changes to it! We hope you enjoy and agree with our changes.As one of our very first improvements that we wanted to do the Teleport Interface. We made it where we are able to add more to the Interface. Scrolling is now available! Cooking has now been moved to woodcutting tele. From here you can cut wood and cook. This making it easier on the player with less teleporting. We took the pleasure in added the hatches etc to the shop. Moved Summoning Enterance/Exit Also placed Well of Goodness at home location For our new content we added what we thought would best advance the server &community. Hopefully you as well appreciate what has been added. With new features like ::commands you now have more access to certain features and information.   ::updates interface ::command interface New Social Media commands in-game. ::Facebook - Opens our facebook page ::Instagram - Opens our Instagram page for the server ::staffinfo - Opens our staff information page You can now access our social medias straight from in-game! We took our time with our New Bosses and what exact role we wanted them to play with in the server and eco. Most of them are meant for you to farm and actually be able to profit from them. They are just being released so testing will still need to be done with they're drops. Something our community can help with. Swamp Lizards Minatours: Steel   Iron Bronze   Mithril   A BIG part of Valkar is our community is able to suggest improvements for the server/forums. As the owners and development team their suggestions are just as important to us as the server itself. For this reason WE LISTEN TO YOU! Your suggestions have been listened to and are definitely under construction! Want to suggest something? >>Click Here<<   @Insanity Suggested that there be unlimited post edits for members - Approved @Null Suggested that players be able to >>Vote<< for Charms. For this we have added "Charm Boxes" to vote rewards!! - Approved   @Null Suggested that there be a general section via forums! - Approved         Our voting polls are another BIG part of how we do things with in Valkar. We release voting polls >>Found Here<< and also on discord where the players can vote and decide whether or not the change will be made. We trust our players and as always listen to them! As for Poll#1 - Should we have Double Voting Points Weekends? Voted on by the community we are gong to have Double Voting points on every 3rd week of the month January - December!   We have had our community reporting bugs since BETA release. Since then they have worked as hard as our developement team to find/fix them. You can report the bugs you find >>Here<< or via Discord in the #Bugs section! Fixes RFD teleporting and chest &nbs […]

  • Valkar Update - 1/1/2019
    on January 1, 2019 at 10:13 pm

                                                        Hello everyone I'm here to inform you guys on what has been going on in the community! Recently we've had some great improvements, The longer you're here the more you'll notice we're a very dedicated group of people, We never give up, We're here to become #1! That's right #1, Valkar slowly improving, But i 100% guarantee we're going to turn into something!! We push out updates Monday - Friday, And even some Saturdays! You can always expect the most from us, Don't be afraid to suggest something, All suggestions are looked at being added, But anyways I'm going to continue with this weeks update so far!  We've fixed the Slayer shop bug. Fixed the bug with the Fishing spots, Now you can freely fish with no issues! Added Automatic Voting / Donating & Highscores so now you can keep tabs on all players! Moved the RFD [Recipe For Disaster] Npc / Chest / And teleport to the correct location. We've decreased the XP Rates [Please leave feedback Via discord] Their are now Hatchets / A Knife in Ignatius Vulcan's Shop. Added a new command for staff members to checklogs [At anytime] Added Well of Goodwill to home.   That's it for the updates so far this week, Check back here at anytime for any information regarding server updates! - Owner Dexter […]

Dedicated Server

Here at Valkar we take pride in having our server on 24/7. We always want to have the server online except when updating so that you can play! We are always available and brain storming about new ideas for the server. If we ever have downtime it's because we are either fixing something major or improving something.

Server Community

The server's community is a MAJOR concern of ours! We want to be here for you like no server has been before. All staff members are REQUIRED to be there when a player is in need of help or assistance. Whether it is a Developer or Owner etc. we are there for you. The community has a major role to play in the servers progression as well. As the members of Valkar YOU have the ability to steer where we go from here! YOU have a hand in development as well not just the Development Team!

We Are Here For You

We at Valkar make it our mission to listen to you! Everyone's opinion is important. Even the bad feedback can lead to positive out comes. We never turn anyone down or shun those that help influence or steer the server in positive ways. We want you to know we listen to you! The owners of Valkar are ALWAYS available via Discord. Speak to them if you need or other staff members as well. We are open and honest with each other. We NEVER want to become that P2W server that you see around. Fairness to the player is what we are about. A server for players ran by players.

Server Donations

At Valkar we want to provide you with proof that your donations NEVER go to our own pockets. To many times we as players have seen servers that take YOUR money and turned it into nothing. Here we WILL NOT do that if you decide to donate. We plan to provide proof and evidence of purchases or services paid for, for the server by you! We will post those via forums. We use our donations for server related causes and never for personal gain. We are players, not money hungry business men.